Script for Ace and Jocelyn - Episode 2
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(Amir, holding the camera, runs up behind and surprises Jake, who was walking on the street. The Ace and Jocelyn theme plays.)
Amir: Na na na na na!
Jake: Get—(Pushes Amir off) what are you doing?!
Amir: Hey! What strange and foreign planet are we on today, Ace?
Jake: Not this again...
Amir: (Reaching towards Jake's pants) Oo, what crazy denim pants are these? Go on and strut them for the camera! Go on and strut them for the camera.
Jake: I have an idea: why don't you just leave? Okay? Get out of here, do something else?
Amir: Good thinking my co-astronaut accountant. We can cover more ground that way; unfortunately, I would never leave you. So, think again, alright?
Jake: Jesus Christ. Listen. (The footage for the rest of this line has been constructed piecemeal from different footage) Amir, just never leave me alone! Please! Always be close to me. Just, never be far away. I'm honestly begging you. That would be great. Please.
Amir: Sure thing Ace. Sure thing.
Jake: You're gonna edit this thing like a—
Amir voiceover: —chill dude—
Jake: aren't you?
Amir: I always do.
(Amir smiles and tries to wink at the camera, then covers it with his hand)
Amir voiceover: Next week on Ace and Jocelyn: Astronaut Accountants from Outer Space!
(Someone is holding the camera right in Amir's sweater)
Amir: —ns to record. It's not that hard! Just—okay.
(Amir backs away from the camera, evidently being held by Jake)
Amir: Do you have my whole body? Turn it sideways. (The camera turns sideways) Put it sideways. (Strikes a pose) Sure thing Ace! I'll come to your birthday party! Excellent. How much do I owe you? Not that you did anything.
Jake: Five bucks.
Amir: Five dollars—?! I said three bucks. Give it to me.

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