Script for April Fool
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Opening SequenceEdit

Jake: Hey you're watching Jake and Amir!
Amir: And you think I care why?
Jake: Not talking to you.
Amir: Okay.


[Sarah walks into Jake]
Sarah: Oh, Jesus.
Jake: So sore.
Sarah: Okay.
Jake: Didn't say sorry I said I was sore. My muscles are sore.
Sarah: I didn't think you said sorry.
Jake: My muscles are sore from working out in the gym, In a workout. What did you do this morning?
Sarah: Umm... Let's see, I got up.
Jake: I got up, I got up and I went to the gym. Regular crunches, bicycle crunches, pushups, diamond pushups!
Sarah: Those are all thing that you can do at home.
Jake: Yeah that's true, that's true... I wouldn't, but umm...
Sarah: Why wouldn't you?
Jake: I Didn't think about it until now actually... Ha, how was your weekend?
Sarah: It was fine thanks.
Jake: That is cool, mine was fine too, mine was a little crazy, mine was like too crazy. Don't tell anybody, but I did something illegal.
[Amir pulls Jake's fly down]
Sarah: Really?
Jake: I did... I downloaded Avatar on BitTorrent. I BitTorrented it.
Sarah: That is crazy.
Jake: Yeah, favorite part on three: one, two, three!
Sarah: The 3D!
Jake: Not for me, no. My favorite part was the dragons. Big-ass dragon at the end, Toruk Makto. [Does a flying motion]
Sarah: Ugh... Okay, that's-
Jake: We should go to a club.
[Amir starts taking Jake's dick out]
Jake: We should just go to a club after work, would be really fun. [Rapping] I'm so 3000 and late, your so 2000 and late. I got that boom boom aah, you got that boom boom [Notices that his dick is out] aaoh, AAOH, AAH.
Sarah: AAH! [Leaves]
Amir: [Laughs] April fool's bitch!
Jake: What is wrong with you? Why is you dick out?
Amir: I don't know, solidarity brother. Why is yours in?


David: Yo, did you show your dick to my girlfriend bro?

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