Ben Schwartz (born September 15, 1981)[1] is an American actor, voice actor, comedian, writer, director and producer. He is known for portraying Jean-Ralphio Saperstein on the sitcom Parks and Recreation. In 2012, he joined Showtime's comedy House of Lies as the ambitious, brash, and insecure management consultant Clyde Oberholt.

Character Edit

Ben regularly appeared in many episodes of Jake and Amir where he plays various characters who each have a different profession and often behave weirdly towards Jake. Amir seems to not recognise they are all the same one guy but Jake does, and often confronts Ben's character who always denies having met Jake or Amir before.

Each character is friendly with Amir but annoys or antagonises Jake in some way such as the Mountain Hiker attempting to capture Jake (after mistaking him as a cow) or the Real Estate Agent who sides with Amir, resulting in Jake and Amir living in a Muffin instead of the great apartment they were viewing. His characters are all terrible at coming up with fake names when prompted, often stammering or silent for a long period of time before coming up with an obviously fake name.


Characters that Ben has played in Jake and Amir include: