Script for Bless You
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(Jake sneezes.)
Sarah: Bless you Jake.
Amir: God bless you. (Looks around) I'm the only one? I'm the only one that will say "god bless you".
(Amir gets up and meanders towards Jeff while talking, looking toward Jake)
Sarah: I said god bless you.
Amir: "I said god bless you." Only after I called you out on it, you inconsiderate bitch.
Jeff: Jesus, dude, come on!
Amir: (Still looking at Jake) Dude, come on! How many times have you sneezed since you got here, bro? 114? This guy hasn't said anything. (Socks Jeff)
Jeff: Fuck!
(Everyone else gets up to stop Amir)
Amir: Huh you dumb piece of shit! Why don't you say god bless you now?!
Jeff: Dude!
Amir: I'm gonna take him open!
(Everyone else arrives and restrains Amir)
Jake: Chill out!
Amir: SAY GOD BLESS YOU NOW! He's the one being rude, you tell me to chill out?! You chill out!
Vinny: Fucking psycho!
Amir: Get off of me! Get the fuck off of me!
(They let him go, his shirt now torn and bloody. He sneezes. No one says anything.)

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