Script for Bomb Threat Script
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Jake and Amir Bomb Threat

Jake and Amir Bomb Threat

Jake and Amir: Bomb Threat

[Jake walks into an empty office, Amir is sitting at his desk eating crisps. 'Every Morning' by Sugar Ray is playing throughout the office]

Jake: What's going on?

Amir: [eating and laughing stupidly]

Jake: It's 9:30 where is everbody?

Amir: B-b-b-b-b-bomb threat

Jake: Oh God, what are you talking about?

Amir: [singing] Bomb threat, bomb threat, bomb threat, bomb... bomb threat

Jake: Just stop, explain it

Amir: Maybe you should check your email, I believe you have something from an anonymous stranger about a bomb in ze build-ong

Jake: Okay, I have an email from you, and you signed it anonymous

Amir: [mouthful of crisps] Same thing

Jake: It's very much not the same thing

Amir: Well, now that you're here, you have no choice but to go get frozen yogurts with me

Jake: I have lots of choices: one of which is to call Ricky and get you fired

Amir: Next Choice

Jake: You know actually I think that's pretty much it, what did you expect?

Amir: I mean relax, we're here. Nobody else is, we could do anything we want; haven't you ever wanted to work naked?

Jake: No, I don't wanna get naked

Amir: [cut to Amir naked at his desk] Okay, me neither

Jake: [gets up] You know what, I'm gonna go home like everybody else

Amir: Jake!