Script for Bowling for Soup
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(Jake puts on headphones and starts rocking out to Girl All the Bad Guys Want. Amir notices, and starts to imitates him. When Amir puts on headphones, Jake notices Amir.)
Jake: What are you doing?
Amir: What?
Jake: What are you doing?
Amir: Listening to DVDs.
Jake: MP3s. And no you're not, your iTunes is empty, I know that. Why don't you listen to the CD I gave you?
Amir: I don't know how to put it in.
(Jake resumes rocking out, and Amir resumes imitating him)
Jake: Can you just stop?
Amir: What are you listening to?
(Amir unplugs Jake's headphones so that the song is played on his speakers; Jake tries to plug them back in)
Jake: Stop!
Amir: Jake's listening to Bowling for Soup!
Jake: No I'm not! Shut up. Come on.
Amir: You like Bowling for Soup?
Jake: No I don't like Bowling for Soup, it was a... a banner ad. It popped up. Shut up.
Amir: You were listening to a banner ad for two minutes? You were singing along with it.
Jake: Amir.
Amir: (To Pat) Hey—
Jake: Amir.
Amir: —Jake listens to Bowling for Soup.
Jake: Amir. Amir. Amir. Dinner. Right now. Let's go.
Amir: What?
Jake: Dinner. Come on. You have five seconds.
Amir: Are you serious?
Jake: Yeah.
Amir: I'm leaving.
Jake: Okay, let's go!

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