Script for Brownies
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(Pat comes over to Jake with a plate of brownies)
Pat: Jake, the, uh, brownies are done.
Jake: Special brownies?
Pat: Yeah.
Jake: Nice. (Takes a brownie)
Pat: Just take one. (Walks past Amir)
Amir: Ahh. Not so fast, comprende.
Pat: Doesn't that mean comprehend?
Amir: Yeah. Send it. (Takes a brownie)
Jake: Hey Amir, don't eat those.
Amir: Come on.
Pat: Have one.
Amir: Oh, am I gonna spoil my lunch, moms? Don't worry, I had ice cream for breakfast. (Stuffing brownies into his mouth) Gimme gimme smore, gimme smore. Gimme gimme gimme gimme...
(A surreal montage commences, showing Amir doing various things while stoned, with Gimme More playing. It ends with a large whiteboard falling on Amir, crushing him and sending blood spraying. A D.A.R.E. logo is beside the blood. It transitions to Amir sitting at Jake's desk telling the story to Jake.)
Amir: "No!" and SBFFF! My head just explodes, so sick.
Jake: It's really sick. It's just incredibly morbid. Don't think about anti-drug commercials at work, okay, just do your real actual work.
Amir: (Slaps Jake) You're fired.

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