Jake and Sarah on computer together

Jake: So you just click this button and it launches a video chat with a random person

Sarah: Oh man, that's really creepy

Jake: Yeah, and like one in every 5 people is just a dick

Sarah: Really?

Jake: It's awesome, Yeah

Jake looks away in disgust

Jake: Oh! Look, right of the bat

Sarah: Oh, gro...

Amir's voice comes from the computer

Amir: Jake?

Jake: No... no.. no..

Amir appears on screen

Amir: Jake dont-don't-don't-don't change it, don't change it, don't change it, don't change it, it's me, it's amir, look, look at my dick

Jake: I don't wannna look at it

Amir: I'm sorry. You are baaad

Amir grins

Sarah: What are you doing in there?

Amir: I could say the same thing for you, bitch

Jake: Yeah, except we're not the naked ones

Amir: I'm not naked either okay, I'm bottomless

Jake: What makes you think that's better?

Amir: Pants-less though

Jake: I know what it is

Sarah: Okay we... we saw your dick

Amir: Jake, a word

Jake: No!

Amir: It's just that ever since you've been hanging out with Sarah I feel like a little lef...

Jake: Did you hear me say 'no'?

Amir: Yeah, sorry, it's just that you always say no, after a while it starts to w...

Jake: Okay, you're not going to make me feel bad...

Sarah notices Amir's feet under the other side of the desk and point it out to Jake

Amir: ...yes every once in a while, okay, you...

Sarah: Hey Amir, where are you?

Amir: Home

Amir tucks his legs in

Jake: You sure about that?

Amir: Home is where the heart is... so... yeeaasss

Jake: Did you get that cake I left you on your desk?

Amir searches for the cake with his arm from under the desk

Jake: Okay. Okay Amir, buddy, the jig is up okay, we know you're under the desk

Amir: I'm not!

Jake: Okay now I just realised I heard your actual voice in here so I'm just gonna throw you some pants and you can cover yourself up, alright?

Amir is heard shuffling with the pants then appears with them over is head, still bottom-less

Amir: Thanks for this, now no one in the office will know the crazy naked person is actually me, Amir

Amir lifts the pants up from his head

Amir: Amir Blumenfeld that is

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