Script for Coma
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Opening SequenceEdit

Amir: Listen up boyees, I'm gonna tell you a riddle.
Jake: No you aren't.
Amir: Deal.


(Sarah is crying)
Jake: What's wrong?
Sarah: Just got a call from my brother. My mom's in the hospital.
Jake: Oh my god. Is she okay?
Sarah: I don't know. She was—(Amir pops up behind Sarah and starts miming her story) she was gardening, and um—trying to reach a really tall branch or something—I don't know—and she like—she was on a ladder, and she just fell off the ladder onto the ground, and she, like, was unconscious for like five hours. No one found her. This car was driving by, like a total stranger, just like, saw her on the floor, and like, brought her to the hospital. Like, she was...
Jake: Horrible.
Sarah: She's unconscious, and she's not waking up, I don't know what's gonna happen.
Jake: Oh my god, you should go home.
Sarah: I can't, I have too much work. I don't know what to do.
(They hug, and Jake shoves Amir, so Sarah notices it)
Sarah: What are you—?
Jake: Nothing.
Sarah: I'm just so scared.
(Amir squirts lotion in his mouth and starts coughing; Sarah turns around)
Sarah: What the—?
(Amir bangs his head on the desk trying to get away)

(Amir is hugging Jake just like Sarah was)
Amir: It hurt more than it looked like it did, okay! Why did this happen to me! Why...
Jake: You're still covered in lotion.

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