Script for Desktop Prank
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(Amir sniggers)
Jake: What the hell, man? What is it?
Amir: Look at your desktop.
Jake: Oh my god!
Amir: (Laughing) Oh, man.
Jake: What is that?!
Amir: It's an old fashioned prank, son. It's my parents having sex, and it's on your desktop.
Jake: What?!
Amir: I put a picture of my parents having sex, and now it's on your desktop.
Jake: Hey that's not a prank on me, man.
Amir: What?
Jake: Sarah, look at this.
Amir: What are you doing?
(Sarah comes over)
Jake: It's Amir's parents having sex.
Sarah: Your mom's not even enjoying it.
Amir: Come on! Stop! This is a prank for you, not for her!
Jake: You guys!
Amir: Sto—okay, no.
Jake: Hey!
Amir: I don't want you to be embarrassed.
Jake: I know! Oh my god.
Amir: Come on.
Jake: I should send this out.
Sarah: Streeter!
Amir: Don't—come on! Stop it.
Jake: Cassels, come here!
(Pat comes over)
Amir: No, don't come here! Please! I'm be—Jake, I'm begging you, please do not come—it's not! It's a joke, it's a prank! Please! What are you doing?!
(Pat arrives at Jake's computer)
Sarah: [indiscernible] Amir Blumenfeld.
Jake: Amir's parents having sex.
Amir: Come on, stop. It's just a prank for you!
(Amir fiddles on Jake's computer to hide the photo)
Sarah: Jeff, look!
(Jeff looks)
Amir: There's nothing to look at!
(Jeff laughs. Amir puts Jake's monitor facing down on the desk.)
Amir: Prank over. Okay? Everyone had their fun, right?
Jake: Can you put my monitor back? Put it back up.
Dan: What's going on?
Amir: I wanna prank you, but you made me feel bad about it.
Jake: You know, for your next prank, you should just like, piss your pants in public. That would really get me.
Amir: You think so?
Jake: That would be pretty good. Is there another picture on here?
Amir: Don't open it!

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