Date of Release June 29, 2010
Episode Line Justice is not only blind, it's served.
Opening Sequence Jake: Hey, you're watching Jake and Amir.
Amir: Hey, you're watching Jake and Amir.
Jake: Good, great job.
Amir: Likewise.
Length 1:43

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Emails is an episode of the CollegeHumor series Jake and Amir. The episode was released 29 June, 2010 on the CollegeHumor website and received mostly positive reviews from the show's fans. Amir is sending annoying emails to everyone in the company and Jake is trying to put a stop to it.

Plot Edit

Amir starts typing very fast and Jake asks what the email he just sent to everyone in the office was all about. Amir doesn't understand that everyone in the company would get the email that he had sent so Jake explains it to him. The strongly worded email was about Amir killing whoever stole his headphones, which were around his neck anyway. Amir then says Pay to Play, baby, which made no sense whatsoever to what Jake was talking about. Amir then sends some more emails involving Kanye West and Rick Astley before starting to respond to Jake through emails and not verbally.

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