Script for Girlfriend - Part 3 (Kite)
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Opening SequenceEdit

Amir: (Singing "Everywhere You Look") Whatever happened to predictability?
Jake: Please don't.
Amir: The milkman, the paper boy!


(Amir is lying in bed)
Amir: I don't wanna go to work today.
(Lerona comes up from beside him)
Lerona: It's Sunday.
Amir: Which is why I don't wanna go to work. Who works on a Sunday?
(Both laugh, and move so they're lying in the center of the bed)
Lerona: You make me happy.
Amir: You make me nappy. Haha, no, you make me crappy. (Makes a farting noise) Oh no! Oh I shat myself! There's shit everywhere man! No, you make me happy. I did kind of fart a little bit there so it might stink a bit.
Lerona: Hey... where are you the most ticklish?
Amir: Mmm, I don't know...?
Lerona: Maybe here...?
(Lerona tickles him, laughing)
Amir: Stop it!
Lerona: Sorry.
Amir: It's fine. It's just that it's only funny... when I do it!
(Amir suddenly tickles Lerona. The Ace and Jocelyn theme is heard.)
Lerona: Ugh, your phone has been ringing all morning, go answer it.
Amir: Oy.
(Amir gets out of bed and picks up the phone)
Amir: Y'ello?
(The camera shows Jake, sitting in his apartment)
Jake: Sup!
Amir: Uh, not much dude, can I talk to you later?
Jake: Why?
Amir: I'm kinda with someone.
Jake: Wow, then I'm telling Lerona then. Okay, you have a great girlfriend and you're cheating on her?
Amir: Uh, I'm with Lerona.
Jake: Ha! Oh man. You got me. You got me for a second. Hey put her on actually? I have this gay-ass question for her.
Amir: Um, just tell it to me, I'll ask her.
Jake: No, I'll ask her, okay? It's hard to pronounce.
Amir: Okay, fine.
(Amir hands Lerona the phone)
Amir: It's for you.
Lerona: Hello?
Jake: Hey, what's up! You're at Amir's?
Lerona: He's at my place.
Jake: Oh! Where's that!
Jake: Anyway, what's up? How's your weekend?
Lerona: Oh, um, it was fun, Amir and I went to the park and we flew kites.
Jake: Cool! So pimp.
(Lerona starts laughing into the phone because Amir is tickling her)
Jake: Haha! Yeah I bet you were just like owning it all day. Owning the kite. Owning the sky.
Lerona: Sorry, Amir was tickling me. What did you say?
Jake: Put him on, please.
(Lerona proffers Amir the phone)
Lerona: He wants you.
(Amir drops the phone)
Amir: Hmh. I want you.
(Amir starts tickling Lerona again)
Jake: Hello?
Amir: Stop!


(Jake is still on the phone)
Jake: Hey dude! Didn't appreciate that. Call me back! Or text me. From Lerona's phone, cause yours obviously sucks. Mine has four bars, that was your fault. Lata. I'm out. Peace. Text it. Lata. Peace. Call me. Text me. From Lerona's phone, not yours, cause yours sucks. Lata.

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