Jake's Twitter
Date of Release August 26, 2010
Episode Line Jake doesn't give a tweet.
Opening Sequence Amir: Hey, you're watching Jake and Amir, not that I care.
Jake: You should.
Amir: Yeah, well I do, I care too much.
Length 2:40

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Jake's Twitter is an of the CollegeHumor show Jake and Amir. Amir embarrasses Jake by showing everyone how unfunny some of his tweets are so Jake deletes his Twitter account.

Plot Edit

Jake, Brian and Sarah are sitting at a table talking about their milkshakes. Amir then comes in and says one of Jake's tweets which Jake says is not funny. Amir says that it is from his twitter and Jake starts to feel embarrassed and says he wasn't trying to be funny. Brian and Sarah leave and Jake starts getting frustrated about how annoying Amir is being because of how unfunny the tweet was.

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