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Featured Quotes are quotes that are considered funny and chosen by the community. You can nominate any quote you want from Jake and Amir.

Rules Edit

  1. You can only nominate once a month.
  2. The quote must be properly sourced and with who said it.
  3. If a quote has bad language in it, please use f**k or s**t.

How to nominate Edit

Do your quote like this:
{{Quote|What the quote is|Who said it|What episode}}

If it is more than one line, do it like this:
{{Quote|line 1<br>line 2<br>line 3|Who said it|What episode}}

If it is between two or more people, do it like this:
{{Quote|What person 1 said|Who said it}}<br> {{Quote|What person 2 said|Who said it}}<br> {{Quote|What person 1 said again|Who said it|What episode}}

The episodes don't need square brackets.

Nominations Edit

"Yo yo so son, i wanna jump around and make you go "AHH!""
Amir Blumenfeld[src]

"Jake, you look like this guy"
―Amir Blumenfeld[src]

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