All previously featured quotes.

August 25 2010 - August 26 2010 Edit

"Oh Sheesh Y'all, 'Twas a Dream"
Amir Blumenfeld[src]

August 26 2010 - September 14 2010 Edit

"Instant Win, That's a Pretty Chill Card"
Amir Blumenfeld[src]

September 14 2010 - October 28 2010 Edit

"Do you think you could train a parrot, to train a parrot, what?"
Amir Blumenfeld[src]

October 28 2010 - Edit

"You are an anus of the highest calender"
Amir Blumenfeld[src]

"All marriages are arranged if you include destiny"

- Amir Blumenfeld, Date Ideas

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