Script for Kite
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Episode Edit

(Jake is talking to Rosie)
Jake: So pimp. It's just so fucking pimp. Soaring like a majestic eagle or something. Like, that's it, right up in the air, that's my kite. I'm not even explaining it right cause I'm so amped still. Like your adrenaline is pumping, it's just in the sky and you just don't let go, you can't let go of the kite. It's just the best feeling when you just see it. And the wind blowing and shit. The unraveling spool. So phat, you don't even know. The phattest fucking thing in the world. Flying that kite, I owned it. I was owning, all day long, all morning. Starting in the morning then to the afternoon just owning a kite. Owning the sky. It was so fucking sick. Sprinting across the grass. Picturing it now it almost brings a fucking tear to my eye. People− it wasn't happening, but it felt like people were cheering, just like "ahh! ahhh!". You're just out there and trying−
(Amir walks by)
Amir: What are you talking about?
Jake: Nothing. Nothing.
Amir: What was so awesome?
Jake: Nothing.
(Amir starts to leave)
Amir: Talking about something.
Jake: No... I flew a kite, is what it was.
Amir: Huh?
Jake: I flew a kite this weekend.
Amir: Are you kidding?
Jake: Well, I wish I was kidding. My sister wanted to or some shit like that. So... it's just like... homo. Of course I didn't like it, it's fucking... it was a kite!
Amir: So you don't like to kite.
Jake: No.
Amir: Okay. You scared me!
(Amir leaves)
Jake: (To Rosie) Just kidding, it was so fucking pimp.

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