Leron is Amir's cousin who is frequently mentioned in episodes of "Jake and Amir" but has only appeared in the series one time.

It is mentioned that he owns a laser tag company where he and Amir regularly go through the children's bags. He was trying to get a new job when Amir wrote him a really bad resume (Resume)

Mentions Edit

  • Julia Nunes - Amir gets Julia to come to the office by lying and claiming Leron owns a record company.
  • Half birthday - Amir asks him to write "thanks again everybody, sorry for making a scene but this is an office so let’s all relax." on his back but instead he writes "Insert wang here’ with a down arrow".
  • Roulette - Jake, Amir are playing Facebook Rouletee and Jake posts "‘hey dude, I french kissed your dog" on Leron's wall.
  • Braces - Leron and his friend badly fit Amir with Braces.
  • Hospital - Leron and his friend Tranlyn operate on Amir.
  • Gym - Leron is trying to copyright an energy drink called ‘lazer’.
  • Restricted - Leron interrupts a phone conversion between Jake and Amir.
  • Gallon Challenge - Leron films Amir's failed Gallon Challenge.

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