Script for Making the Band. Perform.
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Episode Edit

(Amir is on stage with The Takeover UK.)
Amir: (singing) You'll fix everything by just being here-ah! (points at Jake; speaking) So. That one's called "When You're Having a Bad Day."
Jake: I'm familiar with it.
Amir: You're familiar with it? That's it?
Jake: What do you want me to say? The band did great. You are very bad.
Amir: (satisfied) How was?
Jake: Did you hear what... Amir?
Amir: Yeah?
Jake: Did you hear what I said about your singing? It was very bad? I said it was bad.
Amir: As a band, where do you foresee us going (air quotes) "from here"?
(Josh starts drumming.)
Amir: ONE SECOND, Bradlin. Sorry.
Nic (Guitarist 1): Uh, his name's Josh.
Josh: Yeah, my name's Josh, I was gonna say that.
Amir: Okay, here's the problem. Usually, I'm rocking that thing, the guitar with the four strings.
Derek (Bassist): No you don't, man.
Jake: The bass.
Amir: The paste, yeah. Usually I'm on the paste, and it's just like—
Jake: I said the bass.
Amir: I said the bass.
Derek: You said paste.
Amir: One second, Bradlin. Sorry, but nobody's talking to you.
Derek: It's Derek.
Jake: You keep calling everyone "Bradlin" and it's not a name.
Amir: Yeah, I know, I know.
Jake: It's... weird.
Amir: Okay, okay, okay, eff him. You know what? ONE, TWO, THREE, FOUR! (points at Jake)
(The band doesn't play.)
Amir: (frustrated grunt) Okay, band meeting, one second. (The band huddles together for a meeting.) All right, who here wants to get signed?
(Mark (Guitarist 2) raises his hand.)
Amir: So that's one.
Josh: We're already signed.
Amir: Great. (Turns back to Jake.) We are Jake and the Amirs!
Mark: Awesome!
Nic: Uh, we're called The Takeover UK?
Mark: Oh yeah, that's right. Still, I like this guy's leadership.
Amir: Thank you, Bradlin.
Mark: Oh, no, it's Mark.
Amir: Bradlin.
(Mark shrugs.)
Amir and Mark/Bradlin: ONE, TWO, THREE, FOUR!
(Mark starts playing, while the rest of the band leaves.)
Amir: (singing) If you're on a boat that you're paddling, horse that you're saddling, if you're on the stage then your name better be Bradlin—
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(The whole band is playing, with Amir on the tambourine.)
Mark: (singing) Bradlin, B-B-Bra-adlin. Bradlin, B-B-Bra-adlin.
(The song ends.)
Amir: That was very bad. Let me do the singing from now on, ready? (clears throat) One, two, three—you're right.
Josh: One, two, three, four.
(The band starts playing.)
Amir: Brad, Brad, Brad, Brad, Brad, Brad Bra-ad...

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