Script for Math
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(Jake is on the phone)
Jake: Alright, so you're gonna take 48 and uh, multiply that by 56.
Amir: 916.
Jake: And you should get 2688. And then just add that to 93 times 12.
Amir: 106.
Jake: Yep. (To Amir) Way off! (On the phone) Alright. Give me a call back if you have any more questions. See ya. (Hangs up) My little brother is having trouble with his third grade math. 6 times 7.
Amir: 102.
Jake: 9 times 3.
Amir: 52.
Jake: You're so confident in your answer, but you're completely off.
Amir: Hnh?
Jake: 4 times 6.
Amir: 22.
Jake: 5 times 5.
Amir: 55.
Jake: 8 times 6.
Amir: 6.
Jake: 1 times 4.
Amir: 11.
Jake: This isn't word association! It's math, think about it!
Amir: Sorry dad.
Jake: 8 times 2.
Amir: 60.
Jake: 60 or 16?
Amir: 60.
Jake: Fifty-fifty shot.

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