Script for Miami - Part 1
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Opening SequenceEdit

Amir: You're watching Jake and Amir, and I don't where the frig Jake is.
Jake: It's fine.
Amir: Don't tell me it's fine!


(Jake, Amir, Sam and two others get out of a crashed van. Jake uses his phone.)
Jake: Jamie. I'm going to be very very late. No—I'm sorry. It's beyond my control, okay. There was an accident, and—look, just—please, I'm sorry, go to your audition, and I'll meet up with you after. (Hangs up) How the f**k did this happen?

(One day earlier. Miami International Airport. Jake is sitting at the baggage claim area, on the phone.)
Jake: Hey, dude.
Sam: (On the other end) Sup!
Jake: God, I tell you to stop doing that so often.
Sam: Sorrow.
Jake: And that. Okay, look—long story short, I had this major thing for a girl back in high school, and uh, I just found out she's an actress working on a show here in Miami. So I can came down here, on a whim, to try to find her. I need somebody to cover for me for the next few days at work.
Sam: I am your man, Sam, the covering man.
Jake: Okay no, I just want you to relay this message to Pat. Amir broke his phone earlier.
Sam: No problem. This message will self-destruct in five, four, three—
Jake: Don't self-destruct anything, just—give the message to Pat—(his phone beeps) okay, Amir's calling me, one second.
Sam: Oh say hi for me!
Jake: (Switches to Amir) Hey.
Amir: It's 11:48; you're still not at work. You haven't been this late since January 3 2008. What gives, where am I going?
Jake: Not going anywhere, I'm at the dentist.
Amir: Wrong answer. I just called Dr. Reynolds and your appointment's not till next week. Any other brain blisters, MacGyver?
Jake: Brain busters.
Amir: Sure.
Jake: Look, I'm working from home for the next two days.
Amir: Okay, that's fine, I'll be there in 15. How's mom doing?
Jake: Leave me alone for two days. Hang out with someone else for two days. Can you handle that? I'll be back.
Amir: Yes. I have other friends Jakey, relax.
Jake: Good work, don't call me Jakey. I'm gonna go.
Amir: Wait, Jakey Jakey Jakey Jakey—
(Jake switches back to Sam)
Jake: Sam.
Sam: Sup! Sorrow. Sorry.
Jake: Okay. I'm gonna go. Just do me a big favor man and don't tell Amir any of this.
Sam: Done. I already haven't told him.
Jake: Okay. Keep up the good work then. (Hangs up)
Sam: Alright man. This message in five, fo—
(Amir talks out of the car behind Sam)
Amir: How much longer until we're in Miami?
Sam: Miami?! I told my dad we'd have the car back in 20 minutes!
Amir: Yeah, but 20 minutes from when?
Sam: Good point. Ohh, 20 minutes from when we took the car.
Amir: Get in the car!
Sam: He was very explicit about that.

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