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Date of Release September 21, 2010
Episode Line Everything is free if you don't pay for it ;)
Opening Sequence Amir: You're watching Emmy award winning Jake and Amir.
Jake: Webby award winning.
Amir: What the hell is that?
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Length 3:03

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Mickey is an episode of College Humor's video series Jake and Amir. The episode introduces the offscreen character Mickey, the subject of several Jake and Amir episodes. Amir has bought a product on eBay from Mickey and refuses to pay him.

Plot Edit

The episode opens with the words "Mickey, my friend" said by Amir on the phone. Amir is discussing an object that he purchased off of eBay. Jake enters the room where Amir is sitting and tells Amir that he can't walk out of meetings. Amir tells Mickey that the purchase is "very mint and extremely cherry" before complaining about scuffing on the packaging. Throughout the episode Amir snaps and motions for Jake to come closer. Amir promises Mickey that he will pay for his purchase electronically before hanging up. Amir doesn't know how to pay electronically and announces that Jake and him will not be paying. Amir then tells Jake that all of his eBay information is Jake's information before receiving another call from Mickey.

When Amir answers the phone, he tells Mickey the money is being wired "as we speech." Amir also promises him that he will leave 12 dozen New York bagels on Mickey's doorstep before telling Mickey that he's not going to pay him or give him bagels. Amir tells Jake that his account has been flagged so many times that he uses everyone else's information as his own as Jake's phone rings. Amir asks if the area code is 0119723653 and announces it is from Kuwait. He talks on Jake's phone in Hebrew (sounding like Arabic) in a cadence similar to his last conversation with Mickey. The conversation is as follows:

"Mahamoud, my friend, what's going on? Yes, no, I have the way, my friend. Yes, no, no, you will get the money. Look in the mail! Yes! Oh, you looked in the mail and the money isn't there? Do you know why? Because I didn't send it! Bye!"

Mickey calls one last time and Amir says that his calls were prank calls and that he is enroute with money. He tells Mickey that he is outside and that Mickey should check. In the first in a series of recurring jokes, Amir tells Mickey he is outside honking before telling him that he will not get paid. Amir claims the scuffed packaging is reason not to pay Mickey and accuses Mickey of putting words in his mouth and never said it was "mint of cherry." Jake asks Amir why he answers the phone and Amir says because Mickey is his friend.

At the end of the episode, Amir says he will take Mickey to court to avoid paying.

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