Script for Monopoly
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[Jake, Amir, Sarah and Jeff are playing Monopoly in the office]

Amir (rolls dice): Snake eyes, bitches!

Jeff: It's not even your turn.

Jake: And this is not snake eyes.

Amir: Okay.

Sarah: Did you bring your own dice?

Amir: Always bring your own dice, right?

Jake: Never bring your own dice, take them away.

(Amir blows on the dice in Jake's hand, Jake drops the dice)

Amir: Ooh! Snake eyes, bitches!

[Jump cut]

Amir: Alight, am I the car, or the doggy wearing the hat inside of the thimble?

Jake: Which one- Which one did you insist on being in the beginning?

Amir: The dog-hat-thimble.

Jake: Okay.

Amir: But I don't know if we switch every turn. Like, sometimes I move the iron.

[Jump cut]

Amir (rolls dice): Chance. Whoa! Instant win. That's a pretty chill card.

Jake (takes the card from Amir): Go directly to jail.

Amir: Yeah right, ha! What did I do to deserve that?

Jake: Well, you're eating my hotel right now, for starters.

Amir (spits out a hotel piece): So right off the bat, okay, no more jail I'm thinking. And then, that's fine.

Jake: Thinking, you are in jail. You roll doubles and you're out though, so it's not a big deal.

Amir (spits out the dice): Whoa! Snake eyes!

[Jump cut]

Amir (moving his pieces): Whoa! St. James and a hotel. I will take it.

Jake: I already own it.

Amir: Oh, okay. So...

Jake: So, that's $950.

Amir: Or, what if I give you $20 real money, and -

Jake: 40.

Amir (giving jake money): 40. Okay.

[Jump cut]

Amir (pointing at Uncle Pennybags on the board): Jake, you look like this guy. laughs... Jeff, you look like this guy. laughs... Sarah-

Sarah: Stop!

Amir: Okay... You look like this guy though.. So... Who thinks I look like this guy?

(Sarah scoffs)

[Jump cut]

Amir (laying down his cards): Full house ladies! Read 'em and weep-sauce.

Jake (laying down his cards): Ooh. Four of a kind, so... 20.

Amir: Sheesh... What?

Jake: That's $20.

Amir (gives Jake $20): This game is so fun.

[Jump cut]

Amir: Alright, I'm gonna build a house on chance, and now me and Jake are neighbours.

Jake: You can't do that. You can't- You can't own chance.

Amir: That's beautiful.

[Jump cut]

Amir (moving his pieces): Ah sheesh, Boardwalk.

Jeff: You owe me $2000.

Amir (counting out bills): Okay, not a problem. 20, 40, 60-

(Amir pushes the board around, throwing the pieces everywhere. Everybody else gets up and leaves)

Amir: W-w-wait! Let's play Monopoly.

Jeff: That was Monopoly!

Amir: Was it?

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