Script for New Computer
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Amir: New computer huh?
Jake: Yeah.
(Jake moves the new tall monitor so it blocks his line of sight to Amir. Amir cranes his neck sideways to see Jake; Jake moves the monitor more.)
Amir: (With his neck still sideways) Ow. (Standing up so he can see over Jake's monitor) Come on, this is ridiculous, I can't work like this. I can't even see my screen!
Jake: Can you just try to relax? What are you doing?
Amir: (Getting up on his desk) One second.
Jake: Come on. Amir. Just try to work like a normal person. Please.
Amir: (Sitting on his desk now) Did I tell you I found the sickest Halloween costumes for us brotha? Check it out. (Pointing to himself) Corn—(pointing to Jake) and the cob.
Jake: You mean corn on the cob.
Amir: Is it?

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