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(Jake is sitting at his desk when Amir rushes in)
Amir: Sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry! Did anybody notice that I was late?
Jake: Nope, nobody noticed because nobody's here.
Amir: Okay, so no. Perfecto.
Jake: Everybody noticed that you weren't at work today, though.
Amir: But nobody noticed that I was nay late?
Jake: Nope, I guess not, just me, who's here at 11 doing your work for you.
Amir: Okay, please don't turn this into a thing.
Jake: I mean... how do you even be 13 hours late to work?
Amir: Um... I guess I set my alarm for 8 and I snoozed. I snoozed it until seven chirty [sic], and then I raced here as fast as I could.
Jake: Okay, well given the fact that that's sad on its own... why did it take you three and a half hours to get to work?
Amir: (Pulls out a McDonald's bag) Pit stop!
Jake: Nice! Is your computer in that bag?
Amir: Ah, sheesh, no. But, there is a third-pounder here with your name on it, brotha.
Jake: That's disgusting, please put it away.
Amir: Okay.
Jake: I mean, why are you even here? What are you doing here?
Amir: Um... I was gonna save that for your 18th birthday, b—
Jake: Okay, I'm 22.
Amir: But! Let me finish! (Rushes over to Jake's computer and types on his keyboard for some time) Made us a website.
Jake: Yeah, yeah you did. Jake and Amir did this work how do I hit send is this an email Jake—
Amir: (Talking along with Jake) email Jake dot—yeah. Okay.
Jake: —dot org.
Amir: Ya brotha. And it's blue, which is pretty much the chillest color for a website.
Jake: You pretty much spelled my name with two 'k's, why?
Amir: Y2K?
Jake: Seriously though.
Amir: 'j' 'a' 'k' 'k' 'e'. Okay yeah. Must have been a fingor [sic] slip. When I—
Jake: Twice.
Amir: Uh, yeah. I—okay. "Jake" with one 'k'. Now I know that. Going forward.
Jake: Okay, how 'bout the dot org. Why is that?
Amir: Um... I think dot com was taken.
Jake: Probably not.
Amir: Yeah. I don't know. Well, I mean, why are you critiquing it? Look, it's pretty much the chillest site devoted to us.
Jake: I guess I just don't understand why anybody in their right mind would go to a website about us. Just seems really boring.

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