These are recurring jokes which appear in the web series Jake and Amir.

Running gags Edit

  • Amir resorting to Wikipedia whenever he needs to describe something he doesn't know about. He usually describes the subject word-for-word the way the Wikipedia page has it written. (Beer)
  • Amir trying to rap or freestyle, though he is rarely good at it (e.g. Goin' to the movies, eatin' lots of movies) with the only successful attempt being "Because you pale in comparison to Sarah", when discussing elections. Amir quickly forgot the rap, however. (Election)
  • Jake thinking he's cooler than he actually is or claiming credit for cool things others have done (e.g. Jake coming to work wearing a vest or trying on multiple fedoras, Jake claiming credit for inspiring a line in Amir's song "Mickey" when Streeter says how good the song sounds to Amir)
  • Mickey, an unseen, unheard "friend" of Amir's who keeps selling things to Amir, but never gets payed.
  • Streeter masturbating in the background.
  • Amir saying "what?!" simultaneously with Jake saying it, perhaps to temporarily protect himself from Jake's ridicule by pretending to be just as incredulous (Trust Fall 2, Kobayashi).
  • Jake thinking that Amir's friends in his stories have stupid names: Den, Tranlyn... One theory is that all of these friends are Ben Schwartz in disguise, which corroborates with the facts that Ben is terrible at coming up with names and that Amir can be fooled by the simplest of disguises, as demonstrated in Private Eye (Part 1).
  • Amir flubbing rhymes (Chugging, Deals, Headset).

Common types of jokes Edit

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