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Amir: Oh, I forgot to tell you. I thought of the chillest screen name last night. It was so chill. It's like the chillest thing I've ever thought of, and it was a screen name, can you believe it? Don't you at least want to know what it is?
Jake: Oh sorry. Yeah, what is it?
Amir: It's chilldude22. Two-two. Chill dude two-two.
Jake: It's actually pretty tight.
Amir: I know. It's so good.
Jake: That's actually really tight.
Amir: It's fly as hell. That's why I love it so much.
Jake: I mean, I dunno. I think, I mean all your friends know you on your screen name that you have—
Amir: I know, but it's not a big deal if I'm just, like, putting up—like, throw up an away mess, and I'm just like, "Hey I changed my name to, like, something super chill." I'm sure people will understand.
Jake: Well, I mean was it available?
Amir: Jesus, actually no, it's not.
Jake: I'm not surprised.
Amir: Damn, that's like the chillest one I've ever thought of!
Jake: That's tough.
Amir: It's more than tough.
Jake: Sorry.
Amir: You know, I'm gonna add the name chilldude22 to my bu—my BL, and I'm gonna check out if this chill guy wants to swap.
Jake: If I had a screen name that chill I definitely wouldn't trade it with anybody.
Amir: Whoa, he's actually online.
Jake: Really?
Amir: Maybe I should IM him and ask him if he wants to switch. "Hey." (Jake's computer makes an IM sound) "Wanna swap names?" (Jake's computer makes an IM sound) What's going on? "Hello?" "Hi." It's you, man!
Jake: Honestly, if I thought of a screen name that chill I wouldn't have told anybody until I'd already made it.
Amir: Did you steal my chill screen name?!
Jake: I'm just trying to pimp out this chill pro right now. What's that Jovi quote?
Amir: I mean, I'm gonna tell you what it is because it's such a chill quote that it belongs with that screen name, but: "She says we gotta hold on to what we got cause it doesn't make a difference if we make it or not." How could you do that? Like, you know I thought that was the chillest.
Jake: What's Streeter's handle? I need to add him. I'm trying to flesh out this BL right now.
Amir: I'm supposed to be the chill dude.
Jake: Chill out, dude. All's fair in love and chill, you know that.

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