Script for Sleeping Pills
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Amir: Jake. Did you get my email? My article idea?
Jake: I did. It was terrible.
Amir: Terribly bad, maybe.
Jake: Same thing, right? It's the same thing.
Amir: Wha 'eva.
Jake: (Yawns) Why am I so tired?
Amir: Shouldn't keep working this hard, man.
Jake: What?
Amir: You needed a break.
Jake: What did you do?
Amir: Put sleeping pills in your coffee.
Jake: I don't drink coffee.
(Behind Jake, someone drinking coffee (evidently) falls over)
Amir: I put it in your water too.
(Jake conks out. He wakes up later in the day, and it is implied that he is dreaming.)
Jake: What just happened?
Amir: I don't know. Are you okay?
Jake: Uh, yeah. Yes.
Amir: Listen, sorry I've been acting weird for the past couple years. I'm gonna stop all that now.
Jake: Really? That's great! Thanks.
Amir: No problemo. Hah, I'm just kidding.
Jake: AGH!
Amir: Are you okay?
Jake: I think I just got a migraine.
(Back in the real world, Amir is carrying Jake through the office, accidentally banging his head on someone's monitor)
Amir: Woah, are you sweating?
Jake: I don't know.
Amir: You're like, really wet dude.
(In the real world, Amir is running the faucet over Jake's forehead)
Jake: (Shivering and hugging himself) Jesus, it's cold in here!
(In the real world, Jake is shirtless, and Amir is carrying him outside. Amir puts him down on the ground. Jake wakes up.)
Jake: Why are you doing this?
(Amir bends closer)
Amir: (Whispering) I don't know.


(Amir's chin is on Jake's shoulder, back in the office, and Amir keeps making the "HUH!" sound until he coughs)

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