Script for Sunglasses
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(Jake puts on sunglasses)
Jake: What are you doing?
(Amir is now wearing similar sunglasses)
Amir: Oh, I'm writing an email, cause a friend of mine emailed me.
Jake: You know what I mean.
Amir: Yeah, he was like writing me an email, so I'm emailing him back—
Jake: I put on sunglasses and then you put on, like, the exact same pair.
Amir: Not the exact same pair. Yours are yellow, right? I can't—yeah, they're yellow.
Jake: It's, like, the idea of putting on sunglasses.
Amir: Oh the idea. I didn't—yeah I didn't know you invented sunglasses. That's—I guess that's why I messed up because I didn't know you invented sunglasses. Why are you even still working here? Can't you live off the royalties of wearing—
Jake: You know what I mean. Just, I put on sunglasses and then you did.
Amir: Why are you wearing a blue shirt today? I'm wearing a blue shirt, and your new rule is that nobody can wear the same thing, right? So, I can't wear a blue shirt if you are?
Jake: Okay, well yesterday, when I wore these sunglasses, you called them gay. So. And you don't even own a pair of sunglasses.
Amir: Yesterday they were gay. But then people said that they liked it, so I got a pair of my own. I mean, I'm allowed to change my mind.
Jake: No, now you're just admitting that you're a poser, because you got something because other people liked it.
Amir: I'm getting a call.
Jake: Your phone didn't ring.
Amir: It's on vibrate mode.
Jake: You have your office phone on vibrate?
Amir: Yeah, it's like call-forwarding, so it—I don't really know how it wor—(Jake hangs up the phone) Hello? Hello? Ah, shh, I lost her.
Jake: It doesn't go right to dial tone when you lose somebody.

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