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Date of Release March 31, 2009
Episode Line Best friends are like GameCubes. They have sick graphics.
Opening Sequence Jake: Hey you're watching Jake and Amir.
Amir: And Jakes phone number is 2-1-0-3-
Jake: Shut the fuck up!
Length 1:58

References/TriviaAppearancesScriptGallery of Images

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VideoGames is an episode of the CollegeHumor show Jake and Amir.

Plot Edit

Amir and Sam are playing a videogame together in what we eventually find out to be jakes apartment. They talk about things such as Sam's parents dying in a plane crash, Jake themed birthday parties and what Jake wore to work the previous day. The episodes concludes when Jake walks in on them and Sam runs into the wall in an attempt to get away from Jake, but instead loses consciousness.

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