Script for Video Letter to Mom
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(Amir is holding and talking into the camera, walking on the street)
Amir: Hi mom! Thanks for buying me this video camera. I know you wanted me to use it to document what I do on a day-to-day basis, so I'm gonna do exactly that. This is my video letter to you. Usually, I start every day by going over to my best friend Jake's house, who lives right here. (Presses a button on a nearby apartment building to buzz Jake) He's expecting me.
Jake: (Talking through the buzzer) Hello?
Amir: It's me!
Jake: What the hell are you doing here?

Amir: I know you wanted to see what I do on a day-to-day basis, so this is my video letter to you. Usually, I start every day by visiting my best friend Jake. Who lives right here. (Buzzes Jake) He's expecting me.
Jake: Agh. Come on up.
Amir: See?

(Amir knocks on Jake's apartment door. Jake opens it.)
Jake: You have twenty minutes.
Amir: Ok, cut. Don't—

(Amir, outside the apartment again, knocks; Jake opens.)
Jake: Stay as long as you want.

(Amir knocks rhythmically; Jake opens, and finishes the little rhythm.)
Jake: Da da!
(Amir enters, and turns the camera to a woman sitting on the couch)
Amir: Oh! Mara's here. (Turns the camera to Jake) Kind of a third wheel. Right?

(Amir is facing the camera again)
Amir: Jake usually has food prepared for me when I get here. What's for brunch today, Jake? (Turns the camera to Jake)
Jake: Here you go. (Tosses a bag of buns to Amir)
Amir: Okay, come on. What is this?

(Jake is preparing a bowl of cereal)
Jake: Honey Nut Cheerios, your favorite.

(Amir is sitting at the table, facing the camera)
Amir: Brunch was delicious! Now we usually see a movie. What's it today, partner-in-life?
Jake: Absolutely not.
Amir: Rush Hour 3?
Jake: No.
Amir: Come on, man. Come on. (Puts the camera down) 20 bucks. 20 bucks for the movie.
Jake: 40.

(Amir is facing the camera again)
Amir: Now we usually see a movie. What's it today buddy?
Jake: It's Rush Hour 3.
Amir: Wow, Rush Hour 3. Do you understand the words that are coming out of my mouth?
Jake: It's Rush Hour 1.

(Jake and Amir are still at the table, the camera turned on Jake)
Amir: How was the movie, Jake?
Jake: It was good.
Amir: What was your favorite part?
Jake: Karate.
Amir: Come on.

(Jake is in the bathroom talking to Mara, and Amir is surreptitiously filming them through the ajar door)
Amir: Mom, take a look. Jake and his girlfriend are in the bathroom together.
Mara: I want him the fuck out of here, Jake!
Jake: Alright, calm down! I'll tell him to leave right now.
(Amir runs back to the kitchen)
Amir: Um. Usually, we play videogames after the movie.

(Amir is filming himself in the mirror, pretending to walk down nonexistent stairs; he notices Jake)
Amir: What's up man? Hey, uh, videogames.
Jake: Right, no. You gotta get out of here.
Amir: What?
Jake: Sorry, uh, you just gotta go.
Amir: What's up?
Jake: Nothing, it's just time to leave.
Amir: Okay. Uh, totally, thank you so much for all this.
Jake: Hey listen... 100 bucks, and you can hug me.
Amir: 100 bucks for... and I get to hug you?
Jake: Yeah.
Amir: On video. Definitely.
Jake: Alright.
Amir: Hold this. (Hands Jake the camera; sounds of him counting money can be heard) Alright, fine. I only have 80 left, but...
Mara: Jake!
Jake: See you later.
Amir: Come on, man! I'll give you 20...
Jake: There's an ATM around the corner.
Mara: Jake!
Amir: I'll be—
Jake: Go, quick.
Amir: I'll be back in, like, less than two minutes. Where is it?
Jake: Around the corner. This is still taping.
Amir: Turn it off, I'll be back—

(Amir is talking to the camera, still in Jake's apartment)
Amir: Alright, time to go! Uh, hold this. One second. (Gives the camera to Mara) Later man. (Hugs Jake)
Jake: See you later.
Amir: Bye mom!

("THANKS MOM" displays, with Thong Song playing)

(Mara is still holding the camera, pointing it at Amir. Amir is waving at Jake, who is off-camera.)
Amir: 20 for... 20, one shot waving.
(Jake comes over and starts waving at the camera with Amir, while Amir fishes out a 20 dollar bill)

(Jake and Amir wave at the camera for a bit)
Amir: Thank you so much.
Jake: Do you know how to edit?
Amir: Yeah. No. I'll just put it in a timeline, and you export it. It's super easy. (Takes the camera back) How do you turn it off?
Jake: Right there.
Amir: Ah.

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